Friday, July 10, 2015

Our Last Excursion in Brittany

Wednesday, July 8 we had our last excursion in Brittany.  First stop on the list was Cap Fréhel, where we spent an hour taking in the breathtaking landscape and marveling at the power of the sea.  Before exploring the coastline, we took a picture in front of the lighthouse (or "phare" in French).  Take a look at a picture of the whole group:

After exploring the Cap, we hopped back on the bus to head to Fort-la-Latte, a Château Fort located on the coast about 15 minutes drive from Cap Fréhel.  The students explored the donjon, the oubliettes and the grounds of the castle.  Below is a photo of the group before entering the Château.

After touring Fort-la-Latte, we ate our lunch following a brief misty rain and reboarded the bus to head to Cap d'Erquy, where we hiked 1.7 kilometers to the coastline while singing songs from our afternoon choir activity and this.

We only spent a few minutes taking photos at this Cap before it was time to hike back to the bus for the next stop on our excursion.  We briefly stopped in front of the Château de Bienassis where we took a group photo and saw the only filled moat that I have ever seen around a French château.  Check out our group photo below!

Our final stop on this excursion was the Abbaye de Beauport, a thirteenth-century coastel Abbey about thirty minutes drive from Saint-Brieuc. Some students explored the grounds of the abbey on their own while others followed the one hour guided tour.  Below is a picture of the group in front of the abbey after our visit.

Before leaving the Abbey, we celebrated the birthday of Chris Metzger.  We also celebrated the birthday of Rachel Linville on Monday afternoon. Pictures from the birthday celebrations have been added to the Birthdays folder below:


We also had our last dessert exposition by the ROUGES group on Monday.  These photos can be found at the link below:

Desserts - Rouges

Finally, pictures from the entire excursion can be found at the links below:

Cap Fréhel and Cap d'Erquy

Fort-la-Latte and Château de Bienassis

L'Abbaye de Beauport

Next week is our last full week in Saint-Brieuc.  Stay tuned next weekend for an update about our guided tour of Saint-Brieuc, our reception at City Hall and our Farewell Show!


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