Monday, March 23, 2015

Meet the Instructors!

From Left: Jamie, Martin, Sarah Kay, Alisha

Sarah Kay Hurst is delighted to be a returning Instructor for the Indiana University Honors Program in Foreign Languages in Saint-Brieuc for the summer of 2015! She is extremely pleased to be the Grammar for Communicative Purposes instructor and to coordinate many aspects of the experience as Logistics Coordinator. Teaching is her true passion and she delights in the creativity, courage, and bright minds and spirits of the high school students who choose to undertake this incredible journey. She cannot wait to go back to Saint-Brieuc with this program and meet all of the new students! During the academic year, she is an Associate Instructor of French at Indiana University and is pursuing a doctorate in French Linguistics, focusing on lexicology and lexicography (words and dictionaries). Previously, she taught high school French in Colorado, her home state, although her family is British and she is a dual citizen. In her free time, she can generally be found dancing!

Martin Maillot is a new Instructor for the Saint-Brieuc Indiana University Honors Program in Foreign Languages for the summer of 2015, but he has previously worked as an Instructor in the summer of 2014 in Saumur. He will be the Culture instructor and Financial Coordinator for the Saint-Brieuc team this summer. As a native of France, he is delighted and proud to share the language, culture and history of his country with the students. He is enthusiastic about helping high school students acquiring knowledge and expressing their talents. During the academic year, he is an Associate Instructor of French at Indiana University. He is interested in a variety of topics: history, historical linguistics, language contact, and creoles.

Alisha Reaves is super pumped to be returning to St. Brieuc this year with the Indiana University Honors Program in Foreign Languages as the Public Relations Coordinator and teaching an Introduction to French Linguistics. She is a doctoral student pursuing a degree in French Linguistics with a specialization in Second Language Acquisition. How people learn a foreign language is her passion. Alisha originates from just outside of Washington, DC in Woodbridge, VA and loves everything international, thus was fortunate to grow up around a variety of cultures that gravitate towards the nation’s capital. In her free time, Alisha loves watching foreign films, spending time with friend, working out, and she recently picked up her viola again after 8 years.

Jamie Root is stoked to reprise his role as Student Coordinator in Saint-Brieuc and is looking forward to the challenge of bringing Literature back to the site. Originally from just south of Buffalo, NY, Jamie made his way to the Midwest in pursuit of a PhD in French Linguistics. While he is currently specializing in North American varieties of French, specifically those spoken in Louisiana, he is also passionate about topics in both historical French and Germanic linguistics. When not teaching French at IU or working on research, he can most often be found either swing dancing or enjoying the occasional video game. Jamie is very excited to be returning to Saint-Brieuc with such an amazing team and cannot wait to meet all of the new students and share with them his love of both the French language and the French and Breton cultures.