Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A long day of traveling

After two flights and a bus ride, we have finally arrived in Saint-Brieuc.  The flight across the pond was long, but smooth.  Heathrow airport was a bit of a maze, but we made it through together with plenty of time to relax in between the flights.  And the last flight was just a hop, skip and a jump across the English Channel.  We quickly found Sarah Kay and Jamie upon arriving in Paris, and our bus driver was even early to meet us.  It was a challenge to load all of those suitcases under the bus, but luckily they all fit. AND no luggage was lost en route!   By the time we got on the bus, everyone was exhausted and fell right asleep.  The proof is in the picture  :)

They all groggily greeted their host families when we finally arrived in Saint-Brieuc at 8:30pm (earlier than expected) and jumped head first into their French immersion.
Today the stagiaires rested up at their host family's home and tomorrow we have our first day.  We're getting off to a running start already!  More news to come as program activities get underway. 


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